What is The Lonely Web?

The Lonely Web

After hearing a podcast by WNYC’s Joe Veix about internet content that had not seen the light of day, I was inspired to create a web service to seek out, store and then display it for anyone. The purpose of this service is to bring those “lonely” pieces of content to the forefront and give them some love. It turns out they can be beautiful, wacky, and even sad.

What technologies were used?

Founder, Greg Wenner, with his dog, Sadie.

About the Creator

Hi , I’m Greg!

I have had a passion for technology since I was very young.  Exploring new tech has always been one of my more enjoyable hobbies.  I graduated from Penn State in May of 2016 with degrees in both Information Sciences & Technology and Art.  To learn more about me, hop over to my personal website, GregWenner.com.  Have more questions about The Lonely Web?  Feel free to contact me.